Quality & WHS

Our commitment to WHS and Quality

TTM Projects endeavours to exceed acceptable levels of quality at every stage of the manufacturing and installation processes.

We have an ongoing commitment to the principles of Work Place Safety and the Occupational Health of its employees and others conducting Company business. We accept our responsibility for ensuring that the work carried out at our Factory and external job sites is conducted in accordance with National (and local) WHS regulations. All Equipment, machinery and tools are regularly checked for safe operating condition.

We have a Safety Committee that meets each month to review performance against Company WHS Policy and implement recommendations for improvement where found to be necessary. The committee is comprised of a Safety Management Representative, Factory Safety Officer, employee elected Factory Representative and an Administration Officer. This Committee also assesses the effectiveness of workplace accident and illness prevention programs and reports to Management for review, before making recommendations for change or improvement prior to the next SC meeting.

All employees are responsible for following WHS Policies and published procedures within the work place. They are also required to report any unsafe practices, tools or machinery, accidents and near misses to the Safety Officer. Two accredited First Aid Officers are employed to attend to any accident or resultant injury.